A Beginning…

As a multi-dimensional art person, my interests have always fallen to creating items or images with my hands. Painting, collage-ing, crocheting, sculpting (ehh, not so much), sewing, muraling. You name it, I’m pretty sure I tried it. Or if not, am willing! Heck, I even went to school for art and STILL didn’t find just one category I wasn’t interested in trying. But for sometime I have been searching for that “thing” I do well. I’ve always been good at different subjects and jobs and crafts. But I’ve never hit a stride with just one I really truly love and aspire to. Until last year.

One of my best friends, Suzanne, was getting married and she needed me to help with, well, wedding stuff. Invitations, buying table center pieces, organizing, choosing colors, choosing dresses, shlepping stuff. It was a lot of fun having a big excuse to be silly and go shopping with someone you love. We drove all over town, and all around. Whew! But through all of this I still felt I could do something special. And then we both realized: “A headpiece!”  She was wearing her mother’s six foot veil for the ceremony, but she felt (and rightfully so) that it wouldn’t work for the reception and dinner. Can you imagine dancing to Chuck Barry in a six foot vintage lace veil? No way. So, she asked me if I would make her one. “You’re so artistic!”, she gushed, “I bet you can make something wonderful and unique!”

I got to work right away. Suze and Jeremy were having their wedding on the beach in Bodega Bay, CA. If you’ve never been you really should go. Drive up the Northern California coast, past Marin, Petaluma and Sebastopol, and you find yourself surrounded by gnarled hills covered in red and yellow weeds, twisted trees, and pristine tide pools and ocean views. The town is small and sea-battered and filled with old buildings and yachts. Check out some pictures here: http://www.california-blog.com/photos-information-places/2010/12/15/bodega-bay-ca.html It’s also where Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds was filmed. But you already knew that! Anyway, because of this sea setting, we decided to go with an ocean look for her headpiece. I found a dried starfish, 1930’s white netting, peacock feathers, and threaded pearls. I stitched the pearls and feathers together loosely then bound them with florist tape. Next, I glued them to the back of the starfish, followed by the netting which I stitched to the florist tape bulk, and then I attached black felt mounting. Finally, I secured a hair clip to the felt. Voila! Headpiece.

Now here I am, launching a new business and getting ready to meet new people. And Suze and Jer? They had one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.


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