The Little Turtle That Could

Have you ever watched Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth? Or Blue Planet? You know those little turtles that hatch on the beach, crawl out of their shells, battle the odds of ten billion to one (like birds eating them, or fish, or sharks, or people), make it to the water, get washed away for a second, get back into the water, and swim away and live to be five hundred years old? (Okay, not really, but you know what I mean!) Yeup. I totally feel like a little turtle crawling on the beach of hairpieces. Not that I’m finding it difficult. Just…I have so much stuff I’m wading through. Look at this mess!

I have crawled into a tangle of feathers and baubles and pins and ribbons. But I am having a blast! And I am creating some things. So far it hasn’t been too much. Much of my time is spent in collecting googahs to really get myself going. Boyfriend and I went galavanting off to the Alameda Antique fair a couple of weeks ago, and I found some neat Kellogg cereal buttons from the 40s and 50s with pictures of old cartoon characters. Tackled a few garage sales, was helped out by my mother’s vintage dealer friends, and delighted in eBay and Amazon and online dealer sites. I have also been pecking around a few local shops, such as Lacis. I used to work here years ago when I was still finding my place in the career world. They have some very unique products, a museum in the back, and an excellent literary resource for old crafts and arts. But! If you go a-peekin’ beware…some of the staff are unpleasant and unhelpful, and I have found items for sale with high prices where elsewhere the same has been cheaper.

Yet amid  all of my toodling around town, I have managed to crank out a few headpieces. My first is a flower with little vintage sailor boy earrings stitched on, the second is a huge lacy and feather purple thing, and the third is a custom order for my dear friend Sara’s wedding in July.

Sara is a dear soul who has had a meaningful experience with owls. I found a perfect owl setting, which she loved, and gorgeous pheasant feathers. She originally wanted hawk feathers but, though these are prolific throughout California, we decided on the delicacy of the pheasant. And they have a similar look. Once I start tackling this piece a bit more, the feathers will be curved over the top of the head to create a cap look. Right now I have them stuck in there all willy-nilly. 

Hopefully soon I will have enough to get my Etsy shop going. A bunch of talented and gorgeous gals in my close group have decided to lend their abilities to help me with a photo shoot! I’m excited at the prospect of this. I want to get my networking going as soon as possible. Whoohoo crafty-ness! My goals for next time I post: more work done on pieces, logo and banner done. We shall see!


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