Rose La Mer Goes to the Symphony

So, as the days chug on, I do too. I’ve been churning out pieces while juggling a hectic work and social schedule. Which, included an event that I normally do not find myself frequenting. The symphony. 

Boyfriend was given two complementary tickets from Grandma Velma who, dully note, is a valued friend of the SF Symphony. She wanted us to attend in her honor and so we obliged. Now, mind you, I have not been gliding off to San Francisco for a musical performance of this caliber since I was fifteen. And only then was it for school when they piled 200 kids on a big yellow bus so we could experience culture. We needed refinement as hormonal teenagers, apparently. Needless to say, I loved going. All the discussions with the conductors and musicians, and the big staircases and windows, and the beautiful City Hall across the street. As I recalled all of this I began to get very excited. I also began to think about what it was I should wear. Obviously.

And then it hit me. A fabulous headpiece. I’ve been making feathery things, so I might as well wear one, right?

So I did. And holy cow what a stir it caused! Boyfriend wanted to take BART so that we didn’t have to deal with awful parking in the city. As we walked down the street to the entrance, we were stopped by a man driving his car so he could tell us how fabulous we looked. (I should probably mention here that Boyfriend is a snazzy dresser. He wore a dark grey pinstripe suit, teal shirt and a fifties wide tie of teal and salmon, and he gave himself a nice slicked pompadour.) We were chased down Market street once we got to the city by the BART flower vendor so he could give me a rose. And once we got to the symphony people were asking about the headpiece all night; “where did you get it?” “how can I get something like that?” “you must have come from the wedding.”

Boyfriend gets carried away with his “artistic” photographing abilities. But you can see how large the darn thing is.

Boyfriend is a great shmoozer and was able to gush about me to the sweet old ladies asking about my “hat”. He would ramble on about my business, and my bridal clientele. I could then tell them about my handcrafting without feeling weird and awkward. 

It was nice feeling like a princess for an evening. I don’t much go for fervent admiring attention, but this feather bauble on top of my head definitely put me in that arena. Maybe I should go in for the Royals? I could totally makeover Princess Beatrice but I don’t think I could contend with that kind of publicity. That girl turned heads. Ah well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Prince Harry’s wedding.

My cute fifties celluloid purse with the rose I got!

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