Despite the Crockett weather making a turn for the better these last couple of days, I have found myself delving into a funk. Whether it be the lack of social-ness on my behalf, the terror of weeds taking over my garden, or the itch of summeritice setting in (or maybe the torment over judgment day) my normal mental state has been one of continual struggle between the dark and the light. I swear, if I were not a lady living on the banks of the Carquinez Straits, I would think myself Luke Skywalker. But! It is not so. Boyfriend, sensing the imbalance of my Jedi self, took it upon himself to turn things around. So, after a day of working and a night of drinking beers he told me, whether I liked it or not, that he was taking me antiquing. Well, how could I not!

Boyfriend piled me into his little red bean Ford Focus and drove me off to the most wonderful antique mall. On the way to Fairfield on highway 80, not 2o minutes from Crockett, there is a little tiny town called Cordelia. And in this tiny little town is an antique mall called Cordelia Junction. This mall is built completely out of old train cars! Each dealer, or two, gets a whole car to set up their stuff. And since its kind of an out of the way place, the prices are pretty reasonable. We spent hours digging through hundreds of dealers’ stuff. And we found some pretty neat-o things!

Boyfriend found some wonderful ceramic cockatoos from the 1940s, and I found a dorky glass owl piggy bank. I named him Bubo.

Apparently we like birds. Boyfriend wanted a clock, I found this in a corner, it was cheap, it was cheesy. We bought it.

After our long day of digging we drove back towards home, bought some ribs and whiskey, and called our friends to come over and barbeque. We celebrated our survival of the 21st, and our love of life.

The next day, not having had our fill, we jumped back into the car and went garage sale-ing with my parents. Again, we cached in on some very cool things including a vintage cocktail picnic kit and a puppy-dog beanie. I have never mixed a cocktail while picnic-ing, so I am making a New Year’s resolution with the purchase of our new kit: make cocktails while picnic-ing. It sounds very decadent and ultra hip, and makes me feel like I need to wear bright red pumps and a pencil skirt while hiking through the grass.

Picnic mojito, anyone?

Feeling fully rejuvenated by this experience, I got home and immediately started beading away on a new headpiece. I set up my little beading station in front of the TV, playing Law&Order, and got to work. I am currently still working on said new beading project. I have all my pearls set out, my thread and scissors, pliers, and my own little felted plum pincushion made by my darling friend Patty at Papaver Vert. If you do not know what felting is, or have never seen Patty’s work, you should. You will love it.

Beading kit!

So now I feel back on track after a weekend full of living primarily in someone else’s past. And my house is that much more cluttered. I have also ordered some business cards (look out folks!) and had my laundry peed on by my cat. Back to reality…


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