Summer Crazies!

Well, Rose La Mer has been busy busy busy! Summer has finally kicked in with such a force I almost caught myself wishing for cooler days. But, I’ve wanted this warmth for so long I might as well get used to it…

Along with getting used to this weather I am trying to get used to networking. I’ve lurked on blogs, subscribed to blogs, commented on blogs, added myself to circles on Etsy, been added to circles on Etsy, messaged wonderful artists, and totally neglected my own showcase. I am not good at doing the blog thing. I’m hoping the more time I spend finding people, the more I will be found! Such as the wonderful stumble I had when I fell into the blog of Jen who runs Green Earth Goodies. She has wonderfully charming posts about her life, and her continual crafty struggles. I plugged away, looked at her work, and voila! Her style reflects a style similar to my vision of Rose La Mer. We corresponded and she made me some custom tags for my goodies! I also happened upon a business that wove me custom labels to stitch onto the back of my pieces. But you should totally check out Jen’s work. She has beautiful stuff!

Among the flurry of administrative organization (who knew all the little paper things you need!) I have been slowly…slo…wly…getting together headpieces. A few weeks ago, Boyfriend and his family and I bundled into a car and drove six hours to Ashland, Oregon for the delightful Shakespeare festivale (yes, I’m snotty and use ‘e’…hey! Ren Faire does it!). For the occasion, I decided to make a glamourous headpiece to advertise.

The older ladies got their knickers in a twist, and were very interested in the business. I handed out a few cards, but we’ll see. People never do what they say they’re going to do. Anyway, the piece is Victorian applique with vintage ostrich feathers and curved peacock feathers. It was lots of fun to make and wear, too! And now it’s for sale. Along with five other pieces I’ve been working on. I thought by the time summer rolled around I would have more time to make more pieces. But, as you probably can relate, it has been a hectic mess over here. Fortunately, I have a wonderful group of women in my life who are offering their services to help me with a photoshoot at the end of summer. Couple of months of my plugging away, and I should be up and running full heartedly with an Etsy. I am getting together a Facebook page today. Nothing fancy yet, but just a name and info and hopefully the brides I’ve worked with can add their favorite pictures. As of now, I will continue with a few custom orders.

Last week I finished my custom bridal order for lovely, charming Sara. She adored the owl brooch with pheasant feather cap (look back to “Little Turtle That Could” for the beginning stage photo) and is almost ready for her wedding in two weeks! Can’t wait for photos! It should be a very special day, and I am so honored to have been apart of her process. There is nothing like bringing to life an idea someone has had. Helping create a special memory and treasure is so meaningful. I can’t wait to meet more wonderful people this way. I now have business cards, so those of you who have items from me should grab some up and pass them out! Lets get this ball rolling!

As ever, the little ones help with the work load…

Mucha the cat likes lace...

...Iggy the dog likes sleeping under my feet...

..and Boyfriend and I continue to lose our minds go shopping for antiques.

We got some sweet pin-ups for my pin-up bathroom downstairs.

And I got two 1950s hats for ten bucks! What a score!

My goal for next time I post: more stuff! more stuff! more stuff! As ever…I go to the thread and needle. Stay cool in this roasting heat, and don’t forget to use that rusty Weber in the evenings. There’s nothing like bbq veggies and chicken wings in the balmy summer evening.


3 thoughts on “Summer Crazies!

  1. Thanks so much for the mention Kelsey! I too love the headpiece! And, well, you know me and pin-ups *weee!*

    Getting an online business up and running takes so much work, time and research on the back end (much more than I ever expected) but once you get that initial stuff out of the way, it will be much smoother spending your time on creating/listing (but then you get busy with orders and spend your days packing orders and then find you don’t have nearly as much time for that back end/admin stuff or creating!). Oh it’s a vicious cycle, but still very rewarding! Best of luck to you!!

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