Kate Will Hate Your Estate Sale Sign

Today is all about gushing…and one complaint. But, mostly gushing! About pretty things, and pretty people, and all the good things that go on in this tiny world called the East Bay. First and foremost, I have to gush about my several tidbits of news.

1) Rose La Mer will be partnering with Crops and Bobbers salon in Crockett! Jessie, who runs this sweet little place, has graciously invited me to feature several pieces in her windows. She makes fabulous mannequin heads with beautiful wigs and neat painting styles on the faces. And, to top it all of, she is a kindred vintage spirit! Yay, pinups! I am very excited for this opportunity and will be churning out six new pieces for her.

2) Rose La Mer has gotten the nerve to sign-up for facebook. Check it out, and like it here: https://www.facebook.com/RoseLaMer 

3) My darling Sara and her new husband, John, celebrated their wedding weekend before last in Trinidad, California. They stood in the misty redwoods, spoke beautiful vows to each other, and made me cry terribly. It was a beautiful wedding, and I felt immense pride and honor to be involved in the affair. Thanks to a friend who takes lovely photos, I have gotten some sneak peek pictures of the headpiece I made for Sara. Check it out!

And now on to gushing about things that have nothing to do with me. The Royals. I know, I know. Everyone loves them right now. But…I do, too! And I only just discovered that the other day. Let me explain. When I was a child, everyone loved Diana. I get it. But I didn’t love her. Maybe it was the poofy blonde hair, wide and very blue eyed stare, and cheesy 90s chic. Or maybe it was that she just kind of creeped me out a little. Whatever it was, I was not diggin’ the Di. And so I stopped paying attention. Until this year when everyone started wedding-ing it up. I was flipping through Maclean’s, the Canadian version of Newsweek, and came across a huge spread following Kate and Will. And then it struck me. Kate Middleton…is gorgeous! And stylish and charming! I have been won over. I am now a Royal watcher.

But only a watcher in the style sense. Sure, I’ll peek at her humanitarian exploits when they happen. Or sneak gossip magazines if she’s on the cover, and giggle at drama the media creates. But my main concern right now is her fashion. And, of course, her hats.

I love this woman’s hats. She’s not doing the normal Royal family thing and sticking poles of fabric or baskets of fruit ontop of her head. She is following classy fashion trends from decades past and keeping her look simple and chic. Much more chic than 90s fashion. Sorry, Di. You just weren’t for me. But, if I play my cards right, I could be entering a trend. We shall see. Keep her in mind, fellow style people. (By the way…couldn’t get Sara out of the Kate gallery. Sorry, folks!)

Alas, no matter how much I may daydream about Kate Middleton’s cute upturned nose and sleek hats, I will forever be tormented by awful garage and estate sale signs. Boyfriend and I, per usual, drove around this weekend in search of garage sales only to find old signs, poorly written signs, and NO sales. Signs with no dates, signs with words you couldn’t read, signs bent over the pole because they were taped badly, signs written by 3 year olds, signs pointing you in a direction only to be amiss in follow-up signs. We drove around for 2 hours looking, being pointed in the wrong direction, being pointed in no direction, and finding nothing. All I could think of while we got more upset (Boyfriend likes to yell at imaginary people and shake his fist) was “if you knew the Royal couple would be visiting your town, how would you do your sign different?” Big bold letters, cardboard, a date, a time, an address, an arrow, follow-up signs, and NO cutsie 3 year old drawings. And so my parting words for this evening are: Kate hates your signs. If you’re having a sale, make signs like she and “Big Willy” were coming to you this weekend.


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