Wow! Where to begin? Life has been so crazy these last few months. I will condense.

1) I launched my Etsy shop! You can check it out here: I was not prepared for how long it would take to set up all of my listings, but it sure is worth it. Three glasses of wine, and several hours later it was ready for business. I have sold two pieces so far, and am hoping to get more sold. You all have somewhere fancy to go! Go buy something.

2) I just was a featured artist at the San Francisco RAW event this last week! RAW is a nationwide collective that finds up-and-coming local artists and throws a huge expo to let the chosen artists show their work. I was chosen as one of two fashion installations along with my girlfriend Stephanie and her lingerie line Honey Cooler Handmade. It was a blast! What a wonderful experience to have for my first show ever. There were fashion

Stephanie, from Honey Cooler Handmade, and Kelsey at the SF RAW showcase. Can you tell we're terrified?

photographers, painters, and musicians all showing off their talents in one huge room at 1015 Folsom. I sold one headpiece and four little rose clips, and have generated some wonderful contacts with a few other artists. And now that I have participated in the show, I will have a profile on their website for good. I am so honored! Thanks, RAW! *photos to come soon!*

3) My pieces have been photographed by two wonderful photographers: Barbara Lamont, and Cherise Josephine Photography. Each session produced some gorgeous shots of my pieces and made it all look so good! I am so thankful to these ladies for all of their generous help in creating some great publicity photos for me and my shop.

4) My studio space has been transformed into a much more workable space! Darling Boyfriend got me a second work table, and we set it up with the first one into a large ‘L’. I finally can spread out, cut large swaths of fabric, and store things neatly (mostly). Boyfriend, being an artist himself, grumbled and moaned that the space was turning into “KELSEY’S” workspace. But after everything was clean and organized, he saw how useful the room had become and gave up complaining.

Photo from Cherise's photo session. So gorgeous! This piece sold at the RAW show!

5) I have two brides booked! My darling friend, Susie, and a sweet friend of my Rosemary’s, Gaby. Each lady is totally unique and lovely! I am so excited to help them create a special and meaningful look for their happy day! Yay!

Hm. Looking at my list here, it doesn’t look as much as I had thought I had done. I feel I’m missing something? Ah well, what can I say? A first time for two big things can feel like a bigger experience. And now that the show is done, I am feeling post-show-blues. I’ve got to create a new goal to aim for! I look around at the kitty attacking spiders on the windowsill and the puppy sleeping on her favorite workroom blanket, and it seems so tempting to crawl down and curl up with them. But, upwards and onwards! No one ever succeeded by laying on the floor with a puppy and kitty.

Edit: Got my first photo from RAW! Thanks, Kristina, for being an awesome “cigarette” girl!


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