Thank You! And Downton…

First of all, I want to give a huge shout out to every single one of you for your undying support! Thank you thank you thank you to those of you who have ‘liked’ me on facebook! Thank you to my dear 12 loyal blog followers! Thank you to all of the busybees on etsy who have added me to circles, added my items to their favorites and treasuries, and given me wonderful advice! And thank you to all of my poor friends who have to listen to me talk constantly about my passion. I know it can be tedious, but you have no idea what your support does. I feel like I can do anything with all of you behind me!

But, with that said, my taxes have put me in a foul mood. I have decided to remedy this awful knot of money pain in my stomach with whiskey, Powerberries from TJ’s, and Downton Abbey. These, as of now, are all currently my obsessions. If you have not eaten Powerberries you must go buy some right now. They are like crack but of dark chocolate and fruit. And if you have not watched Downton Abbey you must NOW. It is a remarkable soap opera with gorgeous 19teens clothing and jewels, poignant glances between people as they walk down candle lit hallways, intense sexual tension, and the wittiest banter I wish I could speak daily. I do nothing but weep and squeal when I watch it. Poor Boyfriend. But the girls’ nights are so much more hilarious!

She is so bloody put together!

Anyway, I am in love with Mary’s hats. I. Want. To. Be. Her. Loooooooooookkkkkkkkk…look at how elegant. Not only is each hat unique, but they always look like her hat. The cute little upturned, asymmetrical brims are just so wonderful.

I cannot stand it any longer. I have decided I want to make a hat similar to a Mary hat. I’ve never worked with making something with straw before, and I know one can buy pre-blocked straw forms, but I think it would be fun. This is the one I want to do. If you’ve watched DA, you know that the last episode of Season 1 is the garden party. There, Mary wears the sweetest little hat, and I am crushing so hard on it. It is of very light straw with different purple hued ribbons, and what appears to be white silk flowers bunched at the upper side of the hat. This is the best shot i was able to find, for it seems that no one cares as much about this as I. Thats okay. I want it.

I’m not sure what it is about Mary and her hats (not to mention her clothing), but they have changed me and my appreciation. I never was much into the tighter, asymmetrical, almost 20s looking hats. But with these wonderful creations I have a new found love. Thank you, milliners of Downton Abbey, for doing such a fantastic job.

So, as I growl at my tax forms and groan at the e-filing, all I have to do is push play to enter a world that makes my stress seem so…mundane. Oh, to be wealthy, gorgeous, and torn between duty and love. And on that parting note, I will leave you with my all time favorite outfit and scene from this world. Happy tax weekend!!

Mary's sister, Sybil, shows off her newest "frock." I love this!





2 thoughts on “Thank You! And Downton…

    • Oh, darn! Well, next time you’re there you have to grab a bag. At our TJs, they store the bags right by the cash register. Enablers.

      MMmmm, yes. The handsome fellow is Matthew. So adorable!!

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