Summer Days Are Here Again…

Well, its that time of year again. The sun is shining, the bugs have moved in, and my redneck neighbors are hollering at the top of their lungs again. I swear, they’re like mosquitos. All winter they disappear and as soon as it gets warm, they burst forth in a frenzy of “f**k you”‘s, “I don’t give a sh*t”‘s, and slamming doors. And they tell me my 10lbs chihuahua is the terror of the town. Please.

Anyway, my car has decided to give-up on life today, so I’ve had to forgo work and stay at home. As weird as I feel being at home on a work day NOT being sick, I’ve enjoyed myself. And so I’ve decided to write a happy blog post. This is a recap of my life since last time.

I have spent much of my time hidden indoors stitching away until my fingers turn red, but since the sun has graced us with her presence, I have found myself making up reasons to spend time in her glory. And one of those excuses was throwing a picnic. I rounded up a few of my most cherished persons, packed them into my car, and drove up into the Tilden Hills of Berkeley. We brought cheeses, fruit, breads, guacamole, dates, hummus, wine, whiskey, and stuffed my new $5 picnic basket

I finally found a reason to use my vintage parasol, as well!

and $5 vintage booze case (which I mentioned a long time ago in a previous post). We sprawled out on blankets and soaked up the sun. The men puffed cigars, and the ladies made daisy chains and all the while we enjoyed each other’s company, good music, good food, and laughed at Iggy the pup chase turkeys. And then we all went home and were asleep by 8pm. Good times.

After my relaxing day with beautiful weather, delicious food, and wonderful people, I discovered I was not done with being in the sun. I took walks through my tiny town with Boyfriend and the pup, I rolled my windows down in the car, and in the evenings I would sit out on our deck. It would not do! And then, as if by divine intervention, my darling friend Stephy, from Honey Cooler Handmade,  called me and asked me to share a booth with her at a fair. I immediately said yes, and found myself thrown into the excitement of Urban Air Market.

Urban Air is a festival that happens once a year in Hayes Valley in San Francisco. Vendors are chosen through an application process, so the quality of the items is extremely high, and the materials sold must be repurposed and recycled. The fair is set up in the beautiful area surrounding the park between Octavia St. and Hayes, and the streets are shut down for one day. That day being May 6th.

It dawned a gorgeous sunny day with a breeze. Stephy got our booth space early in the morning, and I met her at 9.30. We set up tables and racks, and Boyfriend set up a dressing room for us. By eleven we were as ready as we would ever be, and then the people came. What an amazing experience! We could barely leave the booth there were so many people. All the amazing SF folk were out; bikers, couples, families, tons of dogs, and more! We made friends with Melody, the adorable girl next to us, who runs Isobell. She makes gorgeous jewelry. Go look-see.

A shot of my table before the day began. It was messy and sparse at the end of the day.

After hours of standing on our poor highheeled feet (I wore my gorgeous 1940s cream and red spectator pumps) and talking to tons of people, we were able to break down our booth at 6 pm. Steph’s man came and helped us load out, and we parted ways tired and ready for food. Burgers and milkshakes to be precise. Both of us made sales, new friends, and had a blast teaming up. We are officially making it work. Thank you, Tim Gunn.

Now, I am feeling those post-show blues and trying to figure out what to make next. Instead of thinking hard, I decided to spend my day off organizing all the new goodies I have stacked around my studio. I have put on Joni Mitchell and Maria Muldaur, poured myself a whiskey, and am singing loudly to my animals as I find places for everything.

The new goal for myself is to do a trunk show. Something bridal. I must tap further into the bridal market. I did finish a piece for my darling friend and bride Susie, and I have another piece coming up for Gaby, but the market for wedding shows is amazing. Steph and I are conspiring ways to do private shows in gorgeous hotels in the city before the wedding season hits so we can get our stuff out there. The only catch is actually making some more pieces for brides and bridesmaids. White, ivory, flowers, and netting. And something blue. Life goes on.

And now, instead of avoiding my fate, I will wrap this up and begin the planning for my next adventure. I will watch my Downton Abbey, and I will make sure my table space is usable. Until then, enjoy the sunny days and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Mucha and Lady Mary survey my work.


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