Rose La Mer Enters 2014


I have neglected my poor blog for so long! 2013 was a very busy and successful year for RLM. As part of getting back into the swing of blogging, here is a quick review of the major events I participated in.


1. Photoshoot with the spectacular Ruby Collins. We got together with Melissa Dee, model, and

Lilly Fuentes-Joy Photography in Port Costa for a vintage inspired shoot. We took over The Bull Valley Roadhouse and the Burlington Hotel for a few hours to catch some stunning images.

2. Trunk shows. RLM participated in several awesome trunk shows this past year! One of the shows even helped benefit a school in San Francisco, which is always a fun way to get people excited. Another was at my girlfriends hair salon in the Haight for an art walk! Met some wonderful new acquaintances and sold several of my all time favorite pieces.

3. Custom orders. The demand for custom pieces this year totally exploded! I love doing custom pieces. Not only do customers get exactly what they want, but it gives me the chance to really get to know them. Its a great way to make new friends!

Image4. Gatsby! My goodness! Thank you, Mr. Gatsby and Daisy. With their help, I was able to participate in several 1920s shows. Each was a fashion show wrapped into a swanky party attended by some very well dressed folks! The final Gatsby show of the year I helped with was run by Global Green and my wonderful girlfriend, Lily Achatz. With a fashion show and a fundraiser, Global Green helps raise awareness for local and community issues that need help. It was an honor to be included in such a amazing fundraiser! RLM even got a huge banner up on the wall. Fun!

5. Shop and branding updates. In the grand scheme of things, RLM has not been around for very long. I’ve been figuring out things on my own as I move forward. Part of the learning curve is continuing to create a cohesive look and feel for my brand. I want all aspects of RLM to coordinate. Everything from the little tags I tie on to the look of my social media sites. So, over the summer and into the


winter, I worked diligently on shifting the look of RLM. Signage at shows, tags, cards, Facebook, Etsy, everything is now slowly coming together. My Etsy shop is now starting to feel like one page with the colors of my backgrounds and the way I take my product photography.

I also have had the joy of coming together with a fantastic group of women who are excited to help me move forward. My girls are all models and photographers with a similar esthetic to me. During the summer we came together for a huge all day shoot. With three gals taking photos and a bunch of us modeling, we churned out an amazing slew of product photos. Its been such a joy to work with so many amazing ladies, including House of Winter, Roxy Tart, Cherry D’Lish, and Elyse. We are looking forward to another huge day together, this time in Port Costa, coming up in March. It should be a total fashion and girls in pretties explosion!


6. The Vintage Doll for RLM. My darling acquaintance, Mimi La Rue, was so sweet to do a full review and feature of RLM. Mimi is a wonderful pin-up model who is actively engaged in the “Love Your Body” campaign and is constantly promoting self love and worth for women.


All in all, 2013 was a fantastic year! Saying goodbye to original pieces is always a tough move, but its better to say hello to new customers and friends. I had a fantastic journey and am looking forward to another great year with the amazingness I’ve been lucky to surround myself with! Stay tuned for more!


xo Kelsey


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