New Feature! Wearing Hats Wednesday

One of the most common questions I get from prospective clients and customers is, “how do I wear this thing?” In a culture that has steadily become a less formal and hatless world, most people have a hard time gauging when, where, and how they ought to wear a fascinator or hat. Outside of fabulous Royal soirées and Kentucky Derby races, of course. So, in answer to the multitude of questions about hats, RLM is implementing #wearinghatswednesday! I’ll talk about the different hairstyles you can wear with different hat types, show examples of fabulous day-to-day hat wearers, and tips and tricks for keeping these things on.


Today, we’re going to start with a very simple piece to ease in: wearing a small fascinator with long, down hair!


  1. What You’ll Need: Your fascinator, a couple of bobby pins, and your brush for final smoothing. It’s best to get your hair all situated and styled the way you want before thinking about adding your hat. I also keep a couple of other bobbys available incase more securing needs to happen!



prep22. Pin: Take your bobbys and, after finding the spot you think your fascinator will sit naturally, pin your bobbys in and overlapping each other to create an ‘x’. If you have finer, more slippery hair, you might need to add a third to create an ‘*’ shape.



scottish13. Put on your hat: Grab your cute little fascinator and make sure you’ve got a firm hold on how it will attach; you’ll either have a clip (as show here), a comb, an elastic, or a combination of these.scottish2 Once you have a hold on it, slide the piece into the cross you’ve made. Depending on the style of fascinator, you can always play around with different positions: flowers and foof in back, in front, to the side — all of these are acceptable and totally depend on your personal preference or, even how it looks with your face shape and hair style! If it’s still a bit wobbly after pinning in, just slide another bobby in there to keep it secure. Run your brush through to make sure all is smooth and…

Voilà! You are done and ready to hit the town. The great thing about a small fascinator is that it can be worn kind of like a hairflower. It’s not a whole lot of commitment, like a bigger hat and look can be, and you really can wear it out with pretty much any outfit. Plus, instant hair-do! And, as you can see here, there is no fuss, no muss for creating an elaborate hairstyle.


So, there it is, my lovelies! Our first installment of Wearing Hats Wednesday. Check back every week for another round and make sure to follow our Wednesday hat adventures over on Instagram! And, in the meantime, if you have any hatty questions do send them my way. Who knows? We could feature your question in the blog.


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