About Rose La Mer

Dedicated to beauty and refinement, Rose La Mer is an accessories shop inspired by vintage fashion. Using true vintage materials, some even dating to the 1880s, each piece comes to life with a modern take on classic and accessible styles. What emerges is elegant fashion that is versatile, from costume to cocktail wear. Every Rose La Mer piece is a truly unique and lovely item sewn with love by hand in Crockett, California.

Life is simple here in Crockett: painting, gardening, cooking, crafting, loving. I live on-top of a hill overlooking the straights where fresh and salt water mingle. From this perch, I can see vast regions of suburb, hills, water, bridges, and neighborhoods with lush gardens right below. My little house is filled with windows and sunlights, rich wooden floors and countertops, and nicknacks from decades long lost. I have one room in which all the rest of my treasures are stuffed: my studio. Here I have ribbons and paints and feathers and beads and all good things to make what it is I make. My passion is hat making, and I spend as much of my free time as possible stitching away by hand.


poodle4I have a deep love and appreciation for decades long lost and, when I am not sewing, I am collecting textiles and goodies from these times to preserve their memory. I believe in quality, excellent design and craftsmanship, and beauty. I believe everyone should feel gorgeous in the way they feel best, I believe in ladies and gentlemen, and the art of styling to show the world, and yourself, respect.

So, welcome to my little world! I will cover you with feathers and beads and give you little glimpses of my life, from kitties and puppies to tea time and picnics. Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!

–Kelsey Holt


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